Monday, 15 August 2016

New Dolphins in Fishguard Bay!

Pretty sure we have one new dolphin if not two today on our Dolphin Watch. we were joined by Bronwen and Owen along with their grandparents Andrew and Patricia out on the breakwater today

Patricia, Andrew Bronwen (legs) Anna, Owen and Santi' watching dolphins...

Thankfully after a couple of misses we had some incredible views today, perhaps as many as five animals, none of which seemed to be Apache and Ringo or Trio. I love the fact people seem to be able to count dolphins I am never sure. None the less from my photo's there seem to have been at least four including one very small calf.
Apparently a new mother and  (v.small) calf pair.

 small calf with fetal folds
There were at least two other seemingly unmarked Dolphins accompanying the mother and calf possibly also new faces although i concentrated on the mother and calf so this was yje only decent shot i had of them!

A really nice little session and good to be sharing it with some local people!