Friday, 5 August 2016

Strumble Diary 05/08/2016

What a lovely day it was today at the lookout. The weather was fine light was good and I was joined by Steve Rosser from Bridgend for a very productive session. There were very many visitors as well all eager to learn about our porpoises and the Strumble wildlife in general and of course I was more than willing to part with my knowledge such as it is and when the children (and adults) see the images in the camera screen and break out into big smiles it's all worth it. When the light is good it makes for good images and with a bit more diligence during processing I've been able to bring you closer to the animals than I have previously. There will most probably be a second set of images to accompany this post so check them out below this one. The ebb tide was slow to form the race but once it got going the porps arrived with most of them staying well out. A few ventured closer as the flow eased as most of the action moved west with the tide. I finished the session around 3:40pm.