Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Big Four?

With the swimming trunks and suntan lotion safely put away for another day and all those cocktails fading into an ever distant memory it's back to reality and my other enjoyment of being Seatrust's  Porparazzi. My first outing to Strumble in three weeks or so and the weather couldn't have been much further from the 32,deg and wall to wall sunshine of Mallorca. Dull with drizzle and really poor light but with the tide ebbing nothing was going to stop me getting my Strumble fix. When I arrived Richard was there with scope trained on the scene ahead and he reported seeing Commons and Bottlenose in the previous hour or so. I settled in to watching and it wasn't long before the Porps came in as the race developed. At it's peak activity was high with around 20-30 animals spread well over the race from as close as three hundred metres out to a mile or so. We spotted more Commons off to the west moving toward St Davids Hd but quite distant. I did manage a shot or two and although not good quality do represent a record of their presence. Shortly before leaving we spotted what I am quite confident were a group of 5-6 Rissos about 3/4 mile out and moving quickly east to west. Only seen through the binos and unfortunitely no images as they were under most of the time and almost impossible to track through the camera lens. Given Cliff's sighting of the past evening it's possible that they were the same group.

Great to be back!