Friday, 30 September 2016

A remarkable day!

As usual, Ken played a great opening bat and there is so much to glean from his incredible pic's of our porpoises.
However what impressed me, was the really exceptional amount of mothers and calves.
I reckoned there were at least five mother and calf combinations, where there were in total about ten + adult Porpoises.
Ken highlighted it, but naturally  concentrated on the mutilated fins which is what we have been asking him to do so.
He started off with Bottles that seemed to move away as the small horde of porpoises moved in.

Ken had left around midday I finished my work and the breakwater seemed OK for a bite of lunch , Marged joined me andwithin a few minutes we saw some bottles moving in towards us from the North, soon after around half a dozen or more bottles came in ,only to move back out as the Ferry left the harbour. Not  the perfect ending but pretty memorable and hopefull either the porpoises or the Dolphins will show up tomorrowon our Macmllans Mystery Dolphin Watch/Giiven the pathetic state of our political system iyt has become pathetic1
allthingsgood cliff

Allthingsgood ,cliff