Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Breakwater Bottles Ride Again

Yesterday early afternoon (Tuesday) the bottlenose were back on the breakwater point and further into the bay. I observed around twelve all together with a few juveniles and several adults. I was joined by Freddie and friend Rose just as the ferry approached and we were all treated to a great show as some of the dolphins rode the bow as it entered port making for some great image opportunities. Shortly after that the dolphins made their way out of the bay toward Dinas Hd and I lost sight of them about two miles out. With the dolphins safely away two adult and a calf Porpoise made their way out from the inner harbour and stayed around the end of the breakwater for several minutes.  It may be that they had sought the safety of the inner harbour to avoid conflict with the dolphins. The Seatrust team joined me for the last few minutes of the session as we watched the porpoises quietly make their way out of the bay. Enjoy the pics.