Friday, 16 September 2016

Breakwater Porp's and yesterdays Strumble Porp's

There were about half a dozen gannets wheeling around over the mouth of the breakwater so we got in the car to investigate. I was sort of hoping for some dolphins but it took a couple of minutes before Chantal spotted a porpoise in among the waves and glittering dazzle. It was hard enough getting a view but I fired off a few shots more in hope than expectation. They say the lord loves a trier and surprisingly it paid off with this mother and calf!

Yesterday we did a porpoise click count at Strumble. It was low tide and we were not expecting much. The conditions were flat calm with good visibility.most of what we saw was distant but at the end of the count things were beginning to move with a couple of porpoises showing  off Mackerel Rock

Porp's of Mackerel Rock
Chantelle filling in recording form.