Saturday, 10 September 2016

Death or glory...Went out with Ken on the Outer Breakwater a southerly gale blowing so hard it was difficult to stand up on the end of the breakwater.

Somehow we spotted the dolphins off the Needle Rock but the wind was so strong, there was no way of holding the cameras steady. I had a bit of a brainwave, "lets get in the pillbox Kenny, so we climbed the steps and got into the shelter of the wartime pillbox.

We managed to fire off some shots, a bit blurry but good enough to get a minimum count of at least seven Individuals. And then...A small Rib and a Speedboat came zooming into view. They spotted the dolphins and came screaming up on them Not surprisingly the Dolphins fled underwater.

The conditions with the gale and tide pushing through the harbor mouth were not exactly comfortable and they decided to run back but heading into the wind the rib started plane-ing

I thought they were going to flip any minute but they spotted the dolphins again, changed course and headed directly at them (see pic) Of course the dolphins were having none of it disappearing again, thankfully the speed boat was some way away and did not cotton on. They probably thought no one was watching!

Eventually a bit of common sense prevailed and they made their way back to lower town leaving the Dolphins (and more by luck than judgement, the lifeboat), in peace.