Tuesday, 6 September 2016

More of the same,...more is good!

I have to say there is never any real rhyme or reason to what we are doing and as soon as you think you see a bit of of a pattern sods law comes into play. Generally speaking recently, if I could see Gannets around the harbour mouth, especially a flock of Gannets it meant the Dolphins were there.

On Saturday it was murky and we were not expecting much and amazingly Ken and I had a  Dolphin spectacular with at least ten Bottles smashing into shoals of fish giving some spectacular views.
So buoyed up with that and having seen a couple of Gannets from te Ocean Lab, I did a Dolphin Watch on Sunday which produced nothing.

I saw a few gannets on  Monday but had to go home and feed the dog  at home,  Ian Hotchin phoned to say there was a feeding frenzy going on but instead of Dolphins a mob of Porpoises. Sadly by the time I got there it had mainly broken up but I got a few shots. Today The gannets were there so what was going on? ....

..Half a dozen Gannets followed several porpoises of which again I got some more half decent shots. Interestingly there have been Mother and calf pairs on almost every day that we have seen Porpoises recently,today being no exception!