Thursday, 15 September 2016

Porp's with porplets!

Just a brief look out on the breakwater yesterday (Wednesday) with Chantelle who is really getting her eye in at cetacean spotting. A single Gannet was circling about half a mile off the harbour mouth in a way that strongly suggested there were cetaceans out there. I got a split second glimpse of a small fin.

 As usual the Gannet had helped us out! There was a big swell and with the tide running against the wind it was quite choppy so not easy to see the porpoises as they appeared momentarily but Chantal managed  to get on one and it was accompanied y a very small calf a porplet!

On a couple of occasions we each saw porpoises that the other failed to see and it soon became apparent that there was more than one porpoise and calf pair and at least one was getting closer.
I was desperately trying to get a decent shot but failed miserably or so it seemed.

On  closer examination this morning it is just possible to make out that what appears to be the pale flank of the adult is in fact the head and shoulder of a calf just emerging.Not up to Kens standard but a record none the less and even more reason why Boat users using the harbour need to be vigilant and take care!¬