Thursday, 1 September 2016

Risso's Again

After the last few days I didn't know what to expect at Strumble this morning. I arrived to find Adrian, Richard and three other birders in front of the lookout. Adrian had not long arrived and informed me that Rissos had been spotted straight out at a distance. The tide was about an hour into the ebb phase and not many porps were visible at that time. The Rissos were spotted again and I turned the lens to capture them as they moved diagonally across our view NE-SW. There seemed to be six in all with at least two calves sticking close to their mothers.  I followed them until they rounded the Lighthouse and went out of view. In the meantime another two were spoptted although I failed to see them. An hour or so later they came back up the tide flow and this time I did see them but alas the sighting was too brief to capture an image. Things went quiet after that with just the occasional porp showing in front of the lookout but there was a lot more activity beyond Mackerel point. Another group of large Rissos was spotted in the direction of Cardigan Island and they seemed to be heading our way. They were under for long periods but I tracked them until they were some several hundred metres off the point. Sadly they dived and wherever they came up we were not able to find them again. I managed a second session later in the afternoon and Richard said some Commons were sighted in my absence. Rhian T from cardiff joined me for an hour or so and we watched around thirty or so porps spread across the tide race feeding vigorously.

Risso's Dolphin - c14 (6, 6 and 2)
Common Dolphin - c10
Common Porpoise - Lots and showing well.
Otter - 1 (With big fish swimming into one of the Lighthouse Island inlets)