Sunday, 25 September 2016

Super Sunday/damned Jet-ski's...

I was looking forward to meeting up with the London Pembrokeshire Group this morning and dspite a few heavy Showers it was rather beautiful out on the breakwater with scudding clouds turquoise sea and plenty of circling Gannets off Pen Anglas.

Some porpoises were showing beneath them a little distant but I think most of the group got a glimpse! All in all, lovely people and nice to be showing them the breakwater, some of its wildlife and history!
Unfortunately for them the best was still to come...

A pleasant elderly couple from Shropshire came into the Ocean Lab and asked if we did any short walks. I was a bit bored so I told them to hop in the car and we would have a look on the breakwater. Just as we were getting in the car we got a call from Adrian passing on a message from Steve Berry, saying there were dolphins off the harbour mouth. My couple from Shropshire had lucked in big time!

Sadly these two came screaming out of the harbour and went through the dolphins possibly without even seeing them! The dolphins raced out of the harbour mouth and out to sea. The official speed limit within the harbour is 5 mph, way below anything these guys were moving at probably nearer to 50 mph.. They were also buzzing the Ferry in the prohibited area and have been reported to the Port Manager by Port Security. These show offs, whether they know it or not, were endangering the ferry and also the dolphins. If this kind of stupidity continues we will lose the Dolphins. We really need some effective signage on the slipway!