Sunday, 2 October 2016

Quiet Sunday at Strumble but Bottles Save the Day

A later than planned trip to Strumble today and I was a bit behind the action. The big tides had pushed through and the ebb was well under way as I arrived. I only saw a couple of porps off to the west so a shorter stay than usual and it was off to the breakwater to see what if anything was around. No signs of anything when I arrived in the company of Cliff and Freddie. Shortly after though Appache and Ringo came in from Pen Anglas and did a close pass of the lighthouse and carried on off towards Dinas Head. We spotted a few more dolphin further out to the north and tracked them and the others toward Pwllgwaelod and Aber Bach. A grey seal put in an appearance and just before we left a shoal of what I thought were herring were chasing sprats close to the blocks off the breakwaters end. On processing the images it turns out it was a small shoal of Harvest Mackerel AKA dolphin food.