Sunday, 9 October 2016

Strumble Rissos and Porps 08/10/2016

I've been a bit busy lately with a new addition to the family and other matters. His name is Leo a rather cute if naughty bundle of fluff who next week starts his training as a sea watcher. At 11 weeks old it's like having a baby again but harder to catch and with sharper teeth. I'm sure you'll see some photos in the near future. Anyway,  first post since the 2nd of the month and I arrived at Strumble in between tides so not expecting too much action to start with and that's exactly as it was. Thirty minutes in and I spotted three Rissos quite distant in the tide race which I tracked going east to west accross my view and past the lighthouse. The porps eventually came in as the ebb tide started and three different groups were showing well but all a bit distant. The odd one or two came a bit closer and not wanting to be away from the pup for too long I finished the session after about two hours.

There's two here. Side by side.