Thursday, 3 November 2016

Bacon, Egg and a Bottlenose Dolphin

What a way to start the second leg of our Stena Europe survey. A full cooked breakfast in the Truckers Dining room watching a bottlenose dolphin feeding just off Rosslare breakwater!! I am being a bit hasty.
The survey started on Wednesday in reasonable conditions, sea state 3, if a bit cold and threatening rain. Just past Strumble we had our first porpoise and it turned out to be the only porp of the day. From about half way over the sky brightened, the breeze dropped but still no cetaceans. As the sun started to set the colours were outstanding, even the captain came out to take photos. Just at the last of the light we had common dolphins coming in to the Stena Europe, 2 to start, then 3 more and finally another two but too dark for photos.
Thursday started with sea state 1 and overcast so no glare. The breakfast bottlenose was still about to get us off to a good start and we soon added a single common dolphin. Then came a succession of porpoise sightings but after the first hour conditions deteriorated to sea state 3, possibly 4 on occasions so the sightings dried up. We finished the survey with 2 porpoise very close in to the Fishguard outer breakwater.
All in all a very enjoyable survey.