Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How safe are our seas?

Two images of two dead dolphins taken by Dave Brittain in North Pembrokeshire yesterday.
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Difficult to say how this one died, i guess at the end of the day they do die of natural causes and there are literally thousands of them in our Pembrokeshire and adjoining waters.

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On the other hand this bears all the marks of a horrifying death in a trawlers nets with its smashed beak and a rope tied around it where it was winched out of the net and thrown back into the sea.

Sea Trust has been campaigning and surveying out there for over a decade but the people who make the decisions and get the funding hardly have a clue whats out there because they spend more time chasing funding and donations than actually getting out there and seeing/publicising what is actually out there and what needs protecting!

The Special Areas of Conservation and Protected areas mean nothing if there is nobody out there doing the actual protection. The Welsh and British Governments have failed miserably in protecting our marine wildlife you only have to look at what is happening with the Scallop Dredging in Cardigan Bay!

We need your support, every penny we get is spent on conservation, not big wages for charity bosses and consultants!
Thanks to Dave for the images and letting us know!