Thursday, 8 December 2016

Strumble Diary 8/12/16 A glut of Gannets

Unbeknownst to us, Ken had done an early shift but reported little activity when we caught up with him later in the day and most of it pretty furtive with animals just showing fin tips and frustrating his efforts to get pic's
Chantelle and I got there a couple of hours later and I was surprised to see at least forty Gannets foraging over a pretty well defined tide-race which resembled a long shiny river.

All the Porpoise action seemed to be on the edges of the race, we had quite a good click count  but the strong sun, messy choppy water and reflected glare creating a pattern of dark and shiny waves made spotting them very difficult.
So many shots were no more than splashes...
Several Gannets had plunged in but the porpoise just showing briefly at about 7 O clock from the middle gannet was typical of what was going down...
This is not work for the inexperienced , most people would not have seen this animal...
Most days I would have deleted these pic's but these are hard won records.

 I am sure we missed quite a lot. The Gannets were really excited and we had mass dives of five or six birds on several occasions but the porpoises were  not always visible due to the disturbed and glary conditions.