Friday, 2 December 2016

Strumble feeding frenzy

A few shots of porpoises  feeding.  Kens will be better but I think the shots of Team Sea Trust in action eating Danish Pastries reveals a gluttonous side of my colleagues never before recorded! I will point out the pastries were a reward for them sticking it out doing a record click count in the cold. There were porpoises everywhere we looked, at one point and on a slow count i got over 50 with several mother and calf pairs.  Although rather overcast the calm sea allowed us to spot porpoises near and far. On the click count which measures activity /surfacings we had an average of just over four hundred for the hour, I estimate there were at least eighty porpoises present. We also connected with the Risso's which were even more distant today but on queue as the Ferry passed by repeating the same journey from Est to West for the third day  almost to the minute which is extremely fascinating.