Thursday, 29 December 2016

Strumble Rissos and Commons

I think Cliff sumarised it well below but just to add our bit as they say. We arrived around 9.30 ish and before the ebb race had formed. No close in activity but I counted twenty four Gannets out to the NW at the edge of the now fading flood race. Several porp splashes were observed but too distant to get any meaningful images. Three porps made a very brief appearance off Makerel point before heading around the headland and out of sight. Shortly after that I spotted four or five Rissos way out to the NNE and moving quite quickly. We watched them for a while before Cliff arrived and the extra pair of eyes allowed us to track more of them over the vista before us. Then came the Commons and they too were very distant. Cliff left before we did and we finished the session around 12.15pm. Almost forgot to mention Joel and Stevo joined us for half an hour or so mid session.