Saturday, 3 December 2016

Watch the birdies, One man and his dog! all in a Strumble morning...

The weather has moved on with a bit more wind from the SE making the outlying sea a bit rougher than in recent days although the waters of our lee-shore were relatively calm. We didn't see the Risso's but we probably would not have seen them yesterday in similar conditions..People often struggle trying to see the porp's at Strumble, my advice is watch for birds circling and look beneath most often there will be a porpoise below them. In the winter its mainly larger gulls although today there were also half a dozen gannets feeding with the porp's their excited Grna Grna Grna calls clearly audible to us half a mile away. Leo the dog is the latest Team Sea Trust recruit and a valuable addition. He probably knows more about porpoises than many so called experts.

Watch the Birdies
 Porpoise with well grown calf

Gannets circling feeding Porpoises.
Leo the expert porp hound.