Thursday, 19 January 2017

Putting Tony in the Picture!

Whilst our Sea Trust team were surveying the southern Stena Fishguard-Rosslare route, I met up with Tony Gallon who organizes our Stena Holyhead-Dublin Route. He was joined by one of his regular survey team volunteers Dave Williams, so it was great to put a face to the name as we had not met before.
L to R:  Dr Tony Gallon & Dave Williams.

The reason for the meeting apart from a catch up with Tony, was to hand over a new Bridge Camera that we paid for (thanks to a  generous donation from Stena!)  complete with bag and SD card in the hope they might get a shot of the next Orca they see! (not at all jealous of that one, Honest!)

My old mate Elfyn  Pugh also joined us as well, so we had a jolly lunch with some great cetacean stories! Dave easily won with his story of photographing an Orca eating a Blainvilles Beaked Whale! I doubt if anyone could beat that one!

I could  have happily spent all afternoon in such great company but  unfortunately I had to head back to Pembrokeshire. Good luck with the camera guys!