Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Rissos Back in Town.

With an early high tide this morning I knew there was little chance of catching any porps at Strumble untill it started to ebb but my gut feeling was go anyway. With lots of sea mist about lately there was a good chance that later in the day it may sweep in and I needed to take Leo the porp hound out anyway. As we arrived at the car park I noticed something large and white way out in the tide race. By the time I got the binos out it had gone though. A short trek down to the lookout and the gear was set up. As I turned around there it was again, so straight to the camera swing around, focus and bingo "Rissos". First of the season for me and a group of three (possibly a family group) and another single animal way off and not interacting with the others. I concentrated on the group as they were easier to follow and I lost sight of the individual.

    Later in the morning it was back to the Ocean lab to help Anna and Chantelle with the welcome and training of some new volunteers for the Porpoise Fin ID project. During the training session we went to Strumble and I imparted my knowledge of the area and habits of the porpoise to the trainees. We saw at least a dozen porps to the west of the lighthouse but only a couple came up as far as the lookout.