Sunday, 14 May 2017

Bottles are Back ... or are they?

A call from intrepid yachtsman Ian Hotchin this morning raised my hopes...  "Hello"? "Hi Cliff,  Its Ian. lots of Gannets and at least four Porpoises off Pen Anglas!" Hmm, nice one Ian well done!

But on hearing his Pembrokeshire bur, I knew it was Ian instantly and was hoping it was going to be the first Bottles of the year...
And then four hours later the phone rang again.. "Hi Cliff its Ian.." Yep Ian?" "I am just off Pen  Anglas" yep.? There are two bottles out here!" WOW! brilliant I am on my way!
So stopping only to pick up Rens Laura and Chantelle I was on the breakwater in time to see Ian making his way in.

And then as we piled out of the car Rens spotted one relatively close off Pebbly Beach..

And then it just got better and better! Was it Apache hmm could be and there was a smaller animal as well,was it Ringo? .. Not sure It looked like  one  could be Apache but I never got a definitive shot nor did I get a decent shot of the smaller animal ,was it Ringo? not sure.
But it was great seeing them here again!

Thanks Ian, another great day for Team Sea Trust! lets hope its the first of many more with the bottles this summer!  Call anytime Ian!