Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sea Trust Stena Dolphin Day! a trip of two halves...

So our Sea Trust Stena Dolphin Day was (as they say) a game of two halves...
We usually wait for a good weather window for our surveys, but when you plan one of these events its a matter of naming a date, praying to Neptune/Poseidon, or any other of the panoply of interested immortals such as Micheal Fish, that there will be no hurricanes or biblical deluges.
As it happened, the forecast was so so, but seemed doable as the day approached.
Laura and Rens did an epic job of organisation and this afternoon 30 odd Sea Trust volunteers and supporters, new and old, met up on the Stena Europe.

As we left Fishguard my heart sank as Strumble was almost obscured by fog. The wind was whipping up white horses and It looked unpromising... and so it turned out to be. Although thankfully the sun broke through before we arrived in Rosslare, having drawn a blank-... Of course everyone was quite polite and kind...

Stena people are amazing! We were booked in quickly and efficiently, welcomed on the Bridge by Ships Master Richard, and working with Laura, OBS had arranged for us to have our quiz in the Truckers and then food to follow.
The quiz devised by Rens and Laura was a roaring success and everyone had a great laugh. Literally the tide had changed! As we set off from Rosslare the wind seemed to have turned down a few notches and with the sun behind us visibility improved.
A big animal was spotted making big splashes , a Risso's started the score although not everybody saw them, Thankfully officer of the watch Sean, allowed us all up on the bridge wing and so, when the common Dolphins came leaping into the bow, most of us saw them. Another lot came in soon after, and then a really brilliant pod approached from our port side, giving cracking views!

Truly, it was a game of two halves Sea Trust, Stena and Dolphins won! nobody lost and as we parted after disembarking, everyone had a big smile on their faces. Which in the end, is what Team Sea Trust is all about !