Sunday, 25 June 2017

Some great images from Stephen John from Limeslade the Gower!

I do not know if it is of any interest to you  (you bet it is Stephen!)  but after countless years of keeping my eyes peeled whilst out cycling and walking around Gower, I finally sighted two or maybe 3 porpoises off Limeslade on Monday 19th June. They hung around for about 2 hours and looks like they were hunting fish. 

I was up on the promenade watching when below me just off the rocks a seal popped up. Not a rare sight around here but as ever very curious of human activity and there was a group of local lads on the rocks below with 2 of them swimming and oblivious to the seal. 

The swimmers decided to swim out further and that is when they were surprised by the seal who popped up quite close to them. I managed to get a decent photo of one of the swimmers and the seal but it was very difficult to get any decent shots of the porpoises.
The following day I decided to cycle down to Limeslade again and this time took position higher up on the opposite side of Limeslade. I did not think I would be lucky again but to my surprise I was. This time only the 1 porpoise and again it hung around fishing for between 1 and 2 hours.
Stephen John
( Swansea)

Love the narrative and images Stephen. Brilliant one of the boy and the seal! 
Feel free to send us any more you get, and we will put them up to share with our Whales in Wales audience,