Sunday, 4 June 2017

Strumble Diary 1/ 6 /17 and yesterday on the breakwater 3/6/17... old friends?

Laura Rens and self went to Strumble after work but although on arrival there was lots of gannet activity, the wind and tide had produced a very messy sea. The porps were there but very splashy and showing little extremely hard to get on with our cameras.

I fired off a few shots but did not think I had anything worth looking at so failed to download them until last night. Imagine my surprise when having downloaded and cropped I saw these appear on my screen...

A mother and calf pair but also on closer inspection The mother has a damaged fin!

Not exactly up to Kens standards but I am pretty sure it is one of our regulars and obviously a female.  A nice way to start the month and so unexpected!

And so yesterday i took Laura, Rens and Brad for a look on the Breakwater. We had not seen the bottles  for a while. For the last couple of years  bottlenose dolphins including a mother and calf pair we know as Apache and Ringo have been regular visitors over the warmer months. Laura spotted them first out towards Crin Coed point. 

I am 90 % sure this is Apache not great pic's, distant, but the light was good. I am hoping Laura and Rens may have done better than me! It would be nice to be certain these are our old friends!