Monday, 17 July 2017

Strumble Diary 17/07/2017

Before todays edition I just want to mention yesterday. Although it was a dreary foul start I did get out there and despite it being rubbish condidtions mostly I did manage a few shots and got some of a marked porp I hadn't seen before, so another to add to the database. Through the murk I did see a group of Common Dolphin and Richard had also seen some at around 7am long before I got there. Another larger group were spotted later in the session after the murk had lifted but way too far out for any images. Back to today then and a different day weatherwise with clear blue skies and very calm conditions. The action picked up as the tide moved along with sporadic sightings over the session with a guesstimate of twenty to thirty overall. The Sea Trust crew were there keen eyed and recording sightings too with everyone getting a sight of the action out in the tide race. They left an hour or so before I did and although the action had quietened down it still persisted up untill I left with Gannets still marking the porps attendance.