Sunday, 13 August 2017

From Mat and Emma...

Emma & Matt Marl

Just thought I’d let you know……myself and Joe went on an impromptu fishing soiree off the rocks below the fort in Lower Town Fishguard this evening about 6ish, hoping for a possible fish supper. Ten minutes in and there were two dolphins and I think a calf ( much smaller and darker) having a ball at the mouth of the harbour ( about level with the breakwater). At one point Joe was stood, rod in hand and then one of the dolphins leapt beautifully out of the sea- would have made a great photo…… Alas, no mackerel, but a fab 15 minute cetacean display so all worth it. Goodwick chippy provided the fish supper and we watched the sunset at strumble – perfect.

Hope all is well with you. Heather is enjoying her job at Llys Y Fran, the aim is to save for driving lessons and get mobile- you will hopefully see more of her then.

Hope to be at Sea Trust again soon.

Great stuff Emma! we were out on the Breakwater twice yesterday and saw nothing so good to know they were there later!