Saturday, 2 September 2017

from Jon and Maria..

Jon Skone

10:09 (13 hours ago)
to me
Hi Cliff

Hope all well with you. Thought that we would let you know that we went to the Fort at Lower Town on our way back from Cardigan yesterday afternoon at 5.00 pm (1/9/17)
on the off chance we would spot porpoise or dolphin. On our arrival at the fort there was much excitement not because of the cruise ship but because the 2 couples already there said that they had been watching porpoise very near to the cliffs and that they were now out towards the ship, which was ferrying passengers at the time. The animals were very obvious and jumping clear of the water. They were not, as first thought, porpoise but the 3 bottlenose’s i.e. the 2 adults with the calf which has grown significantly since we last saw it. An excellent way to finish the day.

All the best

Jon and Maria