Monday, 4 September 2017

Strumble porpoises 4/9/17.and some later CL news from last week.

An hour at Strumble this morning in misty conditions first sighting was of seal pups on the boulder beach by the lighthouse.They were my first but there are reports of pups around the North Pembrokeshire Coast  as the Grey Seal breeding season gets into gear.  

Back to our usual perch and in the distance I saw what looked like a flipper waving, had to be a Sunfish!

Porpoises showed on the ebb but mainly distant , although these two came a bit closer!

This was more typical!

Also got this from Andy Rickard:...
hi cliff 
sightings for Sunday 27th August 
We followed a similar path as Saturdays trip with you. 
Commons = 200 or more in same areas  more calves seen today  to the delight of the younger members of my family. 
Minke had moved on, tuna not seen 
One  large sunfish 6 miles from St Anne's Head.
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