Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Back to Normal

After the excitement of yesterday it was business as usual at Strumble with a good many porpoise coming in to feed on the flood tide. We are well into the winter phase now with the seagulls having taken over from the gannets in pointing out the porps position. You soon get to learn how to watch the gulls reaction to figure out where a porp might surface although sometimes you can spend more time looking at gulls than getting the wider picture. The weather was not the best today with dull grey skies and the murk not too far away. Nevertheless it was worth the trip out there. As Yesterday just as I had put the kit away in it's bag I turned and spotted a breaching Rissos about a quarter mile away to the NE so it was out with the camera again and I managed a couple of fin shots before they rounded Mackerel point and went out of sight. Another pleasing session.