Monday, 27 November 2017

Playing away!

I took up an invite from my good mate Mac, in Rosslare, to pop over for the weekend in the hope of seeing some big blubber off Hook Head. Mac had good connections with the people at Hook Head Lighthouse. They kindly gave us access to the lighthouse and raised viewing area with big glass windows that give a fantastic view out over the surrounding seascape.
It was blowing a hard with strong glare looking into the sun, but we picked up a few porpoises and  Mac saw a distant blow, which I unfortunately missed.
After a tasty lunch in the cafe, we popped around the corner to Slade Harbour/Bay where it was more sheltered. We got more Porpoises including a mother and calf. The pic's I got were not brilliant but at least I did see the blow of a fin whale. Of course Mac had a great view of it as it surfaced, which i missed...  but to be honest I was happy enough with the blow!

The people at Hook Head Lighthouse were incredibly friendly, and its good to see enthusiastic locals proud of their heritage.  I would love to organise a trip there for our Sea Trust supporters! I am sure with calmer weather we would connect with big blubber, possibly Humpbacks as well as Fin Whales. Either way its well worth a visit!