Saturday, 2 December 2017

Strumble Rissos (still there)

I managed a few hours away from the paint brushes this afternoon and headed off for a short session before the light dipped away. Cloudy conditions with a turbulent sea made spotting a challenge. Soon after I arrived Anthony joined me and we spent at least an hour just looking at water except for one brief sighting of a porp by Anthony. I caught sight of another two later in the session but they were just the side show. As I scanned the water I sighted a Rissos fin some 400mtrs off. The sighting was brief and no picture this time. This was how it continued as over the next hour we had fourteen sightings but all very brief and not a chance of an image. The next sighting was of a pair of younger animals and this time I did get on them much to my relief. Over the next forty minutes or so the count went up to twenty sightings and by this time I had several images on the card. The weather was turning to rain and the light was shocking so we decided to call it a day. Tomorrow promises cloud all day so today's pics may be all I get for the next week or so but we'll wait and see.