Monday, 5 February 2018

Strumble diary 05/02/2018

It's always pleasing when you get a marked porpoise in a session and even more pleasing when you get two, so when they travel together and you get the two in one shot well that's as good as it gets unless you get more that is. Not that I'm greedy you understand. So on a calm but chilly afternoon on the dropping tide myself, Leo (Porp Hound),  Emma from up in the hills and her two dogs settled in to see what came past. Several porpoise were observed at distance way out beyond the developing tide race and many more spotted at various locations to the east and west. Normally the porps that come in close tend to move through and are only sighted perhaps once or twice before they move on through or out to deeper water. I was seeing porps close in and as the water was now becoming a bit confused I just kept shooting away as usual and did notice that one at least was marked. To and fro the porps went through the session and as the light faded we called it a day. 132 shots in all and it transpired that save for a distant porp in the first few shots, a Red Throated Diver mid session and another porp going back with the tide at the end all the other 110+ shots were unbeknownst at the time of two marked porpoise travelling together and just moving up against the tide, moving back, then doing it all again. At least I had plenty of images to chose from and it was good to get both sides of this pair for the ID project. I suspect both are Porpoise we've seen before.