Sunday, 8 April 2018

Strumble Diary 08/04/2018

I see Cliff has put a taster in previously so I'll just give my take on the session. A slow but steady start on a beautiful morning with a vey small tide. When I arrived there was still a residual ebb current flowing and porps were visible at a distance due to the very calm conditions. As the flood tide got underway sightings were slow but steady with most of the action happening to the NNW some half a mile out. Toward high water when you would expect the action to start tailing off eight to ten animals came in from the west and started feeding well with a lot of dash and splash attracting several gannets and a host of gulls. Cliff had to go but I stayed on a while and as I left a half hour later they were still dashing around and feeding well. All in all through the session 09.30-13.15 I would estimate up to 30 porps either passed through or forraged in the tide race.