Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Foggy Ferry

On Monday the Sea Trust team of Stevo Lucas, Steve Rosser and the Walrus embarked on a survey on Stenna Europe. The weather forecast was excellent and at this time of year the Irish sea should have been full of whales and dolphins. While it was a bit rougher than forecast for the first few miles it never went above sea state 3 which is quite acceptable for a survey. We had a single porpoise off Strumble and an unidentified fin a few miles further out (probably a porpoise). A seal bottling above a wreck about half way over broke the monotony and this was followed by four porpoise together crossing the bows of Stenna Europe. We had some mist near Tuskar Rock and were welcomed to Ireland by common and sandwich terns. With the new timetable we no longer have time to go ashore for a meal but after and excellent supper on board in the Metropolitan Bar and Grill we returned to the Bridge full of hope for the return voyage. As we left the quay we could see the mist offshore although we were in glorious warm sunshine. We then noticed something poking out above the fog. It was the bridge of the Irish Ferry the Isle of Innishmore. As she broke out of the fog we entered it and visibility was down to 50 metres for the whole crossing. A disappointing end to our survey. A big thank you to all the Stenna staff both on board and shoreside. We had a really good welcome by all concerned.