Thursday, 27 September 2018

Big blubber and a couple of nice birds

Just a quick report , Ken will follow up later with pic's
Species list
Common Dolphin 350-400
Minke Whale 2
Fin Whale 1
Long Tailed Skua 1 ad.
Bonxies 4
Manx Shearwater 5
Petrel Sp.1

Lots of Common Dolphins with Calves, the whale sightings were brief and confusing with at least 3 different animals popping up at different places and not very close,. The Long Tailed Skua was a cracking adult that just came out of nowhere and caught us by surprise as it wafted over our heads. The Bonxies were much more obvious but sadly I did not see the Petrel  and without more experienced birders aboard the bet we cn claim is Peterel Sp. Not a bad day though!