Sunday, 16 September 2018

Introducing "Dash"

Well Strumble was like a washing machine the other day and both Lloyd or myself managed to get anything decent in the way of porpoise images. They were there but not in the recent numbers and were very hard to capture. So as I was on my way home I saw several gannets circling the end of the breakwater. Worth a look I thought and indeed I found four bottlenose there but they were not very lively at all. It was as if they were only there for a rest. I was about to go when I spotted more coming in so I held on a while and noted about another ten animals in a reasonably tight group. I was surprised to see that they had left a very young calf with the two juveniles that were there originally and all except one adult spread themselves across the bay and were having a good forage chasing fish everywhere. But this entry is mostly about Dash as I have named him/her as it's such a cute little thing and on it's left flank and around it's head are several markings resembling Morse Code dashes. Anyway have a look, especially at image no six  and you'll see what I mean. Lastly, I couldn't leave out the very photogenic Grey Seal that was dozing and posing amongst the blocks at the end of the breakwater. Too good to miss.