Thursday, 18 October 2018

Another Glorious Rissos Day

Again the NE wind was rattling around the lookout keeping things a lot colder than it looked in the Autumn sunshine. But all thoughts of cold soon go away when you see five Rissos rounding the lighthouse and moving across in front of you. Two large pale adults and three juveniles moving up to the NE and some 250mtrs out, A lovely sight as they are so graceful cutting the water with hardly a splash. I was joined later in the session for a brief while by fellow watcher Derek from Clarbeston Road and it was his first visit of the season. Sadly despite my best efforts I failed to get him onto the returning Rissos as they passed back heading west a half mile or so out. Better luck next time Derek.  The porpoise were again quite late in the tide and were quite far out. I estimate around fifteen all together but mostly they were moving quickly with a lot of dash and splash but I did manage to capture a few.