Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Strumble Diary 23/10/2018

A summary of sessions on the 20th and 23rd ebb tides.

Saturday the 20th was a fairly normal day at Strumble with the size and strength of the tides increasing the number of porps was decreasing. This is normal as we get back to the big spring tides. Several animals were observed although the window of action was just an hour or so. One returning porpoise which will be added to the Fin ID database.

Tuesday 23rd October.

Only two porpoise seen very early in the session but it only takes a single second to make a whole three hours worth while. Several times a year I meet people with similar interests who return year after year and who just love to come to Strumble for the breadth of wildlife we have here. This day I was joined by visiting watcher Francis Hickenbottom. After the usual pleasantries we set about scanning the waters for any action. Off to the NE Francis spotted some action and I swung the lens around. Two speeding Rissos moving too fast to capture as I panned around and then they were gone. I scanned around hoping to see them again and as luck would have it the two breached right in the lens view. A second slower or faster scanning and I would have missed them completely so luck was on my side at that moment. A big thanks to Francis for being my spotter and I look forward to meeting him again when he's next down on holiday. Here's the sequence which was lasted in just over one second.