Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Strumble Diary 5/11/18: Porp's at Pen Anglas and Strumble

Holly and Fran visited the Outer Breakwater and noticed activity off Pen Anglas (as well as a female  Snow Bunting on the breakwater!)
They popped back to base and  picked up Lena, and then hotfooted off to Pen Anglas where they had at least  a dozen porpoises (including a mother and small calf pair), showing quite well although in poor light. An interesting ovservation was of a shag trying to eat something which when blown up on her computer revealed the food item to be quite a large starfish tho' how it would ever swallow it is a bit of a mystery!
One of the porp's had a small nick in its dorsal fin but will need some examination by Holly to establish its identity.

  Afterwards Fran and I went off to Strumble, the tide was on the flood and several porpoises were heading east although none really close enough for photographs.The good news is Ken is back from his gallivanting over the border... The bad news is that the weather forecast is useless for tthe next few days!