Sunday, 30 December 2018

Strumble Diary 30/12/2018

On Thursday 20th I managed to get a short session in before leaving for a Christmas break in Wiltshire. It was late in the afternoon and I didn't get time to post the results so here we are. A lovely view of a mother and calf Risso and one that breached a half mile out. Things took a downward turn over the next few days as "Man Flu" struck. The worst case I would say. No, really it was that bad, although my wife would describe it as an average dose of the Lurgy. Well ok then perhaps not full on but enough to lose me my voice and seemingly block up the whole respitory system. But Hey Ho as they say it put a dampener on Christmas but thankfully it's on the way out now. So with the thought of getting some good fresh Pembrokeshire air into the tubes I headed off to Strumble this morning for the flood tide. A slow but steady session with around twelve porpoise sighted over the three hours with lots of interested visitors hungry for knowledge which I was delighted to pass on. One marked animal during the session. Not sure which one it is but I'm sure Holly will be happy.  As the tide topped off I decided to call it a day. Sadly no Rissos but boy it's good to be back and Here's hoping we get plenty of action for tuesday's public watch.