Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Better Late than never!

Thanks to all of the forty odd people that braved hangovers and a chilly, overcast afternoon at Strumble for our Sea Trust annual New Years Day Strumble Porpoise Watch...Ken Barnett did his usual brilliant job interpreting the location and its importance for cetaceans in general and porpoises in particular!
It was great to see people of all ages,some regulars some newcomers. I am not sure how long we have been doing it but at least fourteen years I reckon! Its a great way to involve and raise awareness of Strumble's ability to turn up cetaceans at any time of the year!
It was not a classic watch, but a few porpoises showed over the hour and just at the end when we were packing up Ben, (one of our Team Sea Trust volunteers) spotted a single Risso's somewhat erratically working its way up the tide race towards the Head,
Sadly our numbers had thinned out by then so it just goes to show how patience can be rewarded! This image is one taken last week as light conditions were too poor for Ken to get any decent pic's of today's animal. A great start to the New Year!
!t wasn't easy but most of those remaining got a glimpse of it! ...over to you Kenny...