Sunday, 4 August 2019

Strumble & Ramsey Sound 02-03/08/2019

Friday saw the last day assisting the parks warden with the whale and dolphin watch and although the weather was fine and a good few porpoise turned up they kept way out on the far side the tide race for the entire watch. What was nice though was the amount of people that visited with many from overseas including a Himalayan mountain guide from Nepal. Saturday I decided to take a trip to Ramsey sound which had been quite productive of late with good numbers of porpoise and even two Minke whales passing through. It wasn't the same for us though as we waited two and a half hours for our fist sighting. In the meantime I kept myself busy shooting the passing bird life. Lloyd arrived with volunteer Katy and intern Cloe and about ten minutes later we spotted the first porpoise speeding through the currents. Over the next fifteen minutes we spotted and photographed three more and sadly that was that. All over in a very short period as we didn't see any more for the rest of the session. The one bonus was a marked porp that I had not seen before but Lloyd seemed to think that they had seen it some weeks ago.