Monday, 29 June 2020

From John Mansbridge...

My name is John Mansbridge I am a commercial fisherman working out of Saundersfoot Harbour. On Thursday the 25th I spotted two sunfish in Pendine. The first sighting was down the north end in the early afternoon. I don?t have any photos of this sighting. Second sighting was around 6 in the evening and was a much larger sunfish directly out from Pendine village. I have video footage if you would like to see it? 

Kind regards, 

Sea Trust

Sun, 28 Jun, 22:51 (12 hours ago)
to John
Hi John, great to link up with another fisherman in the south of the county! yes, of course,we would love to receive your video and any future sightings etc, You guys are the eyes and the ears of our most important resource, the sea! We hope that we can help to support local artisan fishermen that depend on a healthy marine  environment, allthingsgood,cliff