Monday, 29 June 2020

Strumble Diary 29/06/2020

Yes folks the Strumble Diary is back up and running. With the coast path now re-opened and with the continuing Covid distancing regs still firmly in mind I will be commencing my regular surveys at Strumble.
 So today was a challenge with a very stiff westerly blow causing quite a stir as the tide was rising. Not a big tide today so the race was later forming. When it did though a good number of porpoise came through with an estimate of 30+ in total. One group of 6-8 porps were group feeding for a good twenty minutes out in the race with a lot of dash and splash with animals going in all directions as they herded their prey. Most of the others were in two's and three's with the odd individual passing as well. So here's looking forward to some more great sightings and the chance to bring all these encounters to you lovely folks out there.

Ken. B.