Saturday, 1 August 2020

Strumble Diary 01/08/2020 AM

A new month and a new day. Firstly some good news as today sees the re-opening of the Ocean Lab after the Covid lockdown and the start up of the aquarium tours. The staff have not been idle over the past months and the aquarium looks really good after a revamp and the tanks have been re-stocked with fish from the bay. You can book your tours here, and naturally covid restrictions apply.

Now to Strumble. A good morning really but with a cloudy start. Not long after arriving several porpoise were spotted in the tide race with at least two family groups showing well with other individuals passing through. The strong tide pushed them back to the west after an hour or so but the time was broken up with the appearance of a lovely little Wheatear, the Choughs that I photographed yesterday and several passing butterflies. Hoping for another session later so do pop back in if you have the time.