Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Strumble Diary 15/09/2020 AM

 Late arriving today as Leo was due his monthly trim and brush up at the groomers. Despite that though there were still a large number of porpoise foraging in the tide race I'd estimate 30+. Two keen watchers reported two Rissos and a small number of commons and many more porps sighted before I arrived. I sighted two or three commons feeding off to the west about 1/2 mile or so in amongst the porpoise that had gone down with the tide.  The porpoise action tailed off and they all moved out to the west on the tide.  Scanning around I then spotted a group of around twenty Commons off to the east and tracked them as they passed heading west with the tide. All in all a good session again today so let's hope numbers hold up for the rest of the month. Bonus today was a new marked porp for the ID project.