Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Strumble Diary 06/10/2020 Rissos Save The Day.

 As the year moves on and the daylight gets shorter so the chances for ideal tides Vs daylight get scarcer and catching the right times of the tides a little harder. This all means that being there in the peak of the action is not always as frequent as in the summer months. Today a case in point where the light was too poor at the optimum time of the tide, so I didn't have hopes too high of a good session as I made my way out to Strumble. I arrived just after 9am with the tide race well and truly in full flow. A local birder who had been there since dawn reported porpoise earlier but not big numbers. I settled in and looked and looked then looked some more. In the two hours up to high tide there was not a single sighting of a fin. 

Holly arrived with the Wednesday volunteers around 11.30 and with more eye on the water there was a little more hope. It was all looking grim and a complete blank was on the cards, but then Holly sighted a big fin off Mackerel point. I swung the lens around in time to see three + Rissos Dolphins making their way west in front of us. We tracked them as best we could and had two more reasonable sightings as they passed. They moved off beyond the lighthouse and seemed to favour a spot about half a mile out and stayed in that area for around thirty minutes surfacing from time to time before eventually moving off to the west. So alas no porpoise in this session but at least our magnificent Rissos came up trumps to save the day.