Thursday, 4 February 2021

Sea Trust Needs Yor help

 A happy new year to all you good folks out there. Now I know that like me all you good people must be missing our regular postings of our fabulous porpoises and local marine life. The covid pandemic has affected so many facets of our lives and curtailed many of our (Sea Trusts) activities and in common with many organisations that rely on funding we too are feeling the pinch with funding sources even more precarious than before. 

The Porpoise Photo ID project is world leading and the team has done wonders for this area of research over the past five years or so, but sadly unless we can boost our funding the project is at risk of ceasing. This would be so sad as so many of our volunteers and even the greater public get so much out of the well being and education this project brings.

To achieve our goal of raising enough funds to carry the project over the months ahead we have set up an appeal on "Local Giving" and we so humbly seek your support. Any donations large or small whatever you can afford will be so greatly appreciated.

 We are aiming to raise at least £3000 by the end of June. Please show your support by donating at  🙏 We can do this ✊ 
Ken B  Project co-founder.