Monday, 1 March 2021

Wandering Bottles!

Fiona Day based at Dale Fort contacted Sea Trust when she saw a big pod of dolphins she identified as Bottlenose Dolphins, feeding in Dale Bay in the mouth of Milford Haven.

We rarely see Bottles south of Fishguard so when she said they were Bottles I was a bit worried that she might have confused them with commons. Not knowing Fiona or her ability to tell them apart, I was a bit cautious to begin with until I remembered that we have had several large pods passing by here heading North at this time of the year. I have often thought they might have been having a winter break in warmer climes. 

Fiona sent some pic's and sure enough they were bottles! My best guess is they were feeding on the Herring that spawn in the Cleddau over the winter and will now be returning to the sea. So, are these Cardigan Bottles taking advantage of a seasonal slap up meal on their way back to Cardigan Bay or is this an annual visit from Cardigan Bay to the Cleddau that we have not been aware of in the past? 

Either way its great that we have a sharp pair of eyes overlooking the mouth of the Milford Haven, nice one Fiona!